Mats Gabrielson

Project Manager TAM Group

Cell: +46 (0)72 504 04 88


Mats works as a consultant and project manager. He has broad experience from the construction- and real estate sector where he has worked for a long period at Skanska with development and financing of infrastructure and properties both in Sweden and internationally. The projects have ranged from commercial and public properties to infrastructure such as roads and power plants. With his background as a designer Mats also focuses on user insight, innovation and intelligence studies.



  • TAM Group, project manager
  • Skanska Financial Services, project financing
  • Skanska Infrastructure Development, project development and financing
  • Skanska Fastigheter Stockholm, real estate development and property management
  • Made By Crowd, business development and product design
  • ColLab, product design


Civil engineer, Surveying, Royal Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Arts, Product Design, Central Saint Martins, London