TAM Retail Malmö developing Kv Caroli

Today’s Caroli in central Malmö was created between 1969 and 1973, but buildings have been here in the area since the Middle Ages. This disappeared without a trace during the total renovation. Now Profi Fastigheter, in collaboration with TAM Retail, is correcting the mistakes made 40 years ago and is opening up the block to its historic surroundings. As a signal for that, we always say “Kv. Caroli” instead of “Caroli city”. The reconstruction project is performed in stages, with stage I & II already completed, and we are working at full capacity to complete stage III, which will open at the end of the summer of 2013. The focus there will mostly be on fashion, design, and lifestyle, as well as an exciting meeting place around the piazza at Caroli Church.


The vision for the block is for it to be Malmö’s new natural meeting place. With approx. 17,000 m2 of shopping and services in the middle of the city center, 300 meters from the train station, and 300 meters from Stortorget, Kv. Caroli will be a natural part of the city life in Malmö. We are also creating room for a new, open restaurant area. Vapiano, a pasta and pizza restaurant, among others, has established itself here and become a favorite among the people of Malmö, as a place for both lunch and dinner.


Caroli Church is included in the plans for the new Kv. Caroli. The building dates from 1880 and stopped being a parish church as early as 1949. The church grounds have been rebuilt and opened up to the rest of the block like an oasis in the middle of the city. The church building itself will continue to be accessible for city dwellers, but exactly how is still an open question.