TAM Retail

TAM Retail establishes and develops shopping destinations, such as malls, shopping areas, urban blocks, and gallerias. We help real estate owners to boost consumer benefit and thus create profitable and frequented shopping and meeting destinations that also contribute significantly to urban and community development. With a tried and tested work process, responsiveness, and by gaining an early foothold among consumers and merchants, we create places that are appreciated by the market, tenants, and owners alike.


We at TAM Retail have broad and vast expertise in management for contracts, commercial development, and leasing with a great deal of experience from several successful projects, small and large, both in Sweden and abroad. We specialize in managing and implementing commercial projects and concepts from the initial idea to the complete shopping center.


We offer market analysis, strategic consulting, management for contracts, concept development, leasing, as well as asset management, investment advice, and due diligence in retail. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, which enables us to cover the largest markets with concepts and leasing.

Anna Edlund

Assistant Project manager, TAM Retail Malmö
Cell: +46 (0) 73 801 06 15

Anna K Johansson

Project Manager
Cell:+46 (0)70 274 99 66

Anna Zdrilic

Project Manager, Malmö
Cell: +46 (0) 70 410 47 47

Carl Johansson

Project Manager and COO TAM Retail Stockholm
Cell: +46 (0)70 379 76 94

Charlotte Sahlén Johanson

Project Manager and COO Tam Retail Göteborg
Cell: +46 (0)70-22 77 022

Henrik Hallberg

Project Manager
Mobile: +46 (0)72 209 43 01

Jens Persson

Project Manager, Malmö

Cell: +46(0)70 217 71 65


Magnus Lundgren

CEO TAM Retail, partner and board member TAM Group

Cell: +46 (0)70 899 22 33

Nicole Hjertstedt

Project Manager TAM Retail
Cell: +46 (0)72 249 59 66

Robert Strandberg

vice CEO TAM Retail, partner

Cell: +46(0)70 594 96 24

Thomas Näslund

Project Manager

Cell: +46 (0)70 944 75 86