TAM Hood Consulting

TAM Hood Consulting offers consulting services in place management with the goal of creating socially and financially successful places that contribute significantly to community and urban development. The core of what we offer is an in-depth understanding of the real estate business, the ability to creatively develop strong place concepts, and many years of experience in successful real estate and project development.


We support our clients with business plans and strategies in line with high goals and ambitious visions. We often manage urban development projects in the early phases where formulating concepts, implementation strategies, and business plans generally are included. In many cases, we also project manage in the early phases, for example, in policy work, where we put a lot of energy into creating and maintaining relations between the place’s many interested parties, fostering involvement, and spreading knowledge – all to achieve a smooth process and achieve the best results in urban development and conversion.

Charlotta Rosén

CEO and Partner

Cell: +46 (0)70 249 98 37