TAM Hood Consulting developing district in Tumba

On behalf of Sveareal, TAM Hood Consulting has been managing a development project concerning an existing commercial district in Tumba since 2011. The area is currently a business area with a series of businesses and head offices, such as Alfa Laval and DeLaval.


The goal of the development project has been to increase the area’s attractiveness, both through measures in the area’s current identity and character and by creating new spaces for commercial activity. The goal is to be Botkyrka’s most attractive office and business area. TAM Hood Consulting is responsible within the scope of the contract for the development of a concept, and contact with potential interested parties, as well as contacts with the municipality, neighbors, and other interested parties.


TAM Hood Consulting is driven by a high level of commitment and always combines creativity and innovative thinking with the knowledge that our combined experience from some of the largest and most exciting development projects in Sweden has given us.