TAM continues working with the development of the Sture Block

It was announced recently that the Sture Block is being planned to undergo development. Dagens Nyheter and Fastighetsvärlden were quick to write about the big plans for the block. The articles can be found in Dagens Nyheter and in Fastighetsvärlden for more details about the development plans.


The Vice Mayor of Stockholm Roger Mogert spoke about the plans:


“Investments of this size are welcome. The thoughts about opening up the block, to build inside it without showing it too much from the outside and connecting the block to the subway is good. But we will have to discuss different parts of the suggestion and various details.”


Also ADIAs Head of Europe Pascal Duhamel spoke about the plans:


“We want to build in a way that we get a direct connection to the subway with a basement floor that contains more of a food and convenience offer. The Marble Halls are currently not being used like they should. We want it to feel like the heart of the city again. Today it has lost its position as such. And we will redevelop so that stores and restaurants do not have to close down. It is not going to be easy and it is going to take some time.”


Since 2013 TAM has been appointed by the owner of the property as Development Manager. TAM has in cooperation with the City established the Programme for the project for Public Consultation and continues to work on the subsequent phases in the zoning process.